Any form of bullying that targets individuals because of their actual or perceived sexuality or gender identity is considered to be homophobic bullying. Similar to other forms of bullying homophobic bullying can result in low self-esteem and mental health issues.

We know from our research at ABC that 89% of schools report homophobic name calling and that despite changes in attitudes in wider society schools still have some work to do in creating educational spaces that truly value diversity and promote equality.

It is also argued that in order to address homophobic forms of bullying that we need to address the heteronormative ethos of society and schools alike. Heteronormativity is the presumption of universal heterosexuality without considering that sexuality can be fluid and diverse.

ABC has developed tools to help schools measure how inclusive they are of diversity especially in relation to LGBTQ+ issues. We are happy to provide workshops and training to schools on how to promote inclusion. For further details please contact