Master of Education (Bullying Prevention) – DC984

The Anti-Bullying Centre in conjunction  with DCU’s Institute of Education and the University of Stavanger in Norway are delighted to offer a two- year part-time Master of Education in Bullying Prevention (MEd).

The Master of Education is an on-line post-graduate programme designed for educators who wish to pursue in-depth study in education for both professional and personal development while specialising in bullying prevention and intervention.  Students on this programme undertake (Part 1) two core modules in research methods and one in current issues in education and three more modules in bullying as well as (Part 2) a thesis which is completed in year two of the programme.

The principal aim of the MEd – Bullying Prevention programme is to provide teachers with the knowledge and skills they need in order to undertake practical work to prevent bullying, harassment and violence within school and educational communities.

The module content is based on a whole-school approach developed through many years of research at DCU’s National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre, and informed by best national and international practice. As part of the programme students will study the psychology of aggressive behaviour as well as methods of preventing and countering aggression, bullying, harassment and violence.  Students will study the National Action Plan on Bullying (2013) and will cover topics such as cyberbullying, homophobic bullying, legal duty of care, whole school approaches and theories of aggression.

The modules on this programme will be delivered online by specialists from DCU’s National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre and the Norwegian Centre for Learning Environments and Behaviours at the University of Stavanger.


(Ireland) Dr. James O’Higgins Norman, Prof. Mona O’Moore, Mr Liam Challenor.

(Norway) Prof. Erling Roland and Prof. Hildegunn Fandrem.

The Master of Education degree must be completed within four years of registration. Students may not be permitted to commence Part 2 of the programme until they have successfully completed Part 1. Upon the successful completion of year one of the programme students may exit with an Advance Diploma in Educational Studies

Applications should be made online at using course code DC984.

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Module (10 Credits)

We offer a Bullying Prevention and Intervention Module (Masters Level) – 12 week online delivered to students in Ireland and Norway by experts in DCU and University of Stavanger. Offered each year in October. This is led by Dr. James O’Higgins Norman and team at ABC.

Further details:

Geraldine Kiernan Tel:  01 884 2012 email

Certification of 10 credits awarded upon completion of masters level assignment.

Cost: €824