Over the course of one academic year, FUSE aims to:

  • Reduce levels of bullying in schools
  • Increase reporting of bullying incidents
  • Raise student, school staff and parent awareness of online safety
  • Increase inclusiveness within the school climate, enabling school staff, students and parents, to tackle bullying and online safety together.

At the beginning of FUSE, nominated teachers will participate in a One-Day Training Programme, which will enable them to deliver workshops to school staff, parents and students.

Teachers will have the option of receiving this training online or in person, and following this; they will have access to online support materials including videos, webinars, presentations and worksheets.

Post-Programme evaluations will take place with school staff, parents and students. These evaluations will help us to measure the extent to which the programme is achieving its goals and impacting on participant’s knowledge of online safety and ability to tackle bullying.