Research Design

Phase One

Schools Recruitment/Registration

Presentation of the programme

Principal’s consent

Anti-Bullying Coordinator appointment

Phase Two

Teacher Training

Training of FUSE Bullying


Teacher Training.

Phase Three

Programme Implementation

Teachers deliver the programme in their school classrooms

Final Project

Phase Four

Post Survey

Contact teachers

Parental Consent

Completion Survey by students and teachers



Research Design and Phases Explained

The aim of this research is to test the efficacy of our 5 Step Intervention Programme.  FUSE has designed a programme that combines a Whole School Approach (O Higgins: 2008) with a 5 Step Programme (Darley and Latane: 1970) whose goal is to educate students in how to respond to bullying and by which students, teachers and parents will have acquired the necessary skills to report bullying.

This programme is innovative, research-based, and has been enriched by the expertise and experience of the staff at the National Anti-Bullying Centre (ABC).

For this particular programme FUSE has ensured that both programmes and research includes all the feedback that teachers, parents\guardians, students have provided from previous FUSE and ABC research.  Because the 5 Step Programme is an improved version of previous programmes, we need to test it: that is, we need to conduct research to validate its efficacy.

As such, the project and the research have the following research phases:

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