Dr Alfredo Salomão Filho

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Dr Alfredo Salomão Filho is Post-Doctoral Researcher in DCU Anti-Bullying Centre. His work in ABC is concerned with an IRC funded project on ageism and bullying in the workplace. He is also an educational & research consultant at AT Academic Feedback, and Research Fellow at the Earth System Governance Project, Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University. He has conducted research on creative writing in partnership with Fighting Words and DCU Institute of Education, funded by Ireland’s Department of Education. Alfredo holds a PhD in education from DCU, where he has also engaged in EU-funded postdoctoral research, co-designing a blended learning course on smart home technology for older adults in Europe. His research interests and publications encompass science and technology studies (STS) and post qualitative research methodologies, particularly in relation to sociology of education/work and sustainability. Previously, Alfredo worked as a lecturer in sociology of education and research methodologies at DCU Institute of Education.

Research Areas