Murray Smith

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Murray Smith BL is a Legal Researcher at DCU Anti-Bullying Centre. His field of interests are legal issues and bullying in schools and workplaces. Murray was a part of the research committee in the recent 2015. publication ‘Bullying in the workplace: An analysis of cases at the employment appeals tribunal under the unfair dismissals acts (1977-2007)’ authored by James O’Higgins Norman and Geraldine Kiernan.

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Research Areas

Legal Issues and Bullying  in Schools and Workplaces


Bullying and Cyerbullying: Its legality and use in mental health assessments
Samara M, Burbridge, V., El Asam, A., Foody, M., Smith, P. K., & Morsi, H.
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
14(12), 1449