ABC Participates in Safer Internet Day 2020

ABC were delighted to attend Webwise’s #Connected launch at Twitter EMEA in Dublin ahead of Safer Internet Day 2020.

Webwise launched a comprehensive classroom resource addressing Digital Media Literacy called “Connected”. Connected is a series of interactive lessons for young people in the Junior Cycle. In the lessons, young people discuss and learn about issues relating to understanding and navigating the digital media world such as: digital rights and responsibilities, how data is acquired and analysed by digital media companies, managing their digital wellbeing, and taking a proactive stance on tackling cyberbullying.

Coinciding with Webwise’s launch, ABC had been inspecting a newer social media App called “TikTok”.

TikTok is a video making and sharing social platform that is increasingly popular with young people between the ages of 8 and 12. ABC’s Dr. Tijana Milosevic had consulted with Irish media outlets about the rising popularity of TikTok prior to Internet Safety Day, and identified the possibility of users posting mean comments in young user’s video posts.

Though little is known about the implications of TikTok from an empirical research point of view, it was suggested that young people may be using the platform for empowerment.

This empowerment could involve expressions of identity, creativity, talent, viewpoints and vulnerabilities. These can easily be expressed by young users using TikTok’s creative video making features, and the ease of spreading the created video across all major online platforms including: Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail and Twitter.

ABC added TikTok to its “App Watch” component on which is Ireland’s National Anti-Bullying Website for young people, parents and teachers.

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