ABC is the only provider in Ireland of research based training and support services.We have been studying bullying since 1996 and all of our seminars, workshops and courses are delivered by researchers who are currently involved in studying bullying prevention and intervention. Our training and services include:

  • School Bullying Prevention and Intervention Training
  • Workplace Bullying Prevention and Intervention Training
  • Intellectual Disability Workshops and Short Courses
  • Train the Trainer Bullying Prevention and Intervention (on-line)
  • Bullying Prevention and Intervention Module (10 Credits)
  • Sonetbull European Bullying Prevention and Intervention Online Course
  • Masters Degree in Bullying Prevention and Intervention (MEd)
  • Psychological Assessments Reports
  • Expert Witnesses Reports

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School Bullying
School Bullying Prevention and Intervention Training

Our team is available to support your school in its work on tackling bullying. We can assist you in evaluating your school climate and deliver training on bullying, cyberbullying and related topics. These are adaptable, can be tailor made, can last from 30 minutes to a whole day seminar and can include parents, pupils, boards of management and teachers. We can also review and assist schools with writing and revising anti-bullying policies.

Further details: Geraldine Kiernan Tel: 01 884 2012 email 

FUSE Training

FUSE is an anti-bullying and online safety programme developed by the Anti-bullying Research and Resource centre in DCU supported by Facebook. The programme launches in September 2019 across Ireland.

FUSE is grounded in Irish and international best practice research, consisting of a series of workshops and projects aimed at 2nd Year Students in junior cycle, their parents and school staff in post-primary schools across Ireland. Always at the centre of this programme are young people. FUSE aims to support and empower them to find solutions and initiatives themselves, to tackle bullying and online safety.

FUSE is also a research and evaluation programme, enabling schools to identify areas of improvement and self-evaluation. The curriculum focuses on empowering students to develop initiatives in their schools which tackle bullying and raise awareness of online safety.

Further details: FUSE Team: 

Train-the-Trainer (on-line)

We offer a Train-the-Trainer Bullying Prevention Course – 10 week online with 2 optional face-to-face seminars. This is led by Dr. Seline Keating and is offered in October and again in February each year. The course is suitable for teachers, parents, youth workers, social workers, healthcare professionals and anyone interested in bullying prevention and intervention in educational settings.

Further details: Geraldine Kiernan Tel:  01 884 2012 email Certification of Participation upon completion of an assignment Website:

Sonetbull European Bullying Prevention and Intervention Online Course

This EU course designed by a number of partners including ABC is delivered via DCU. The course is online and covers all forms of bullying and can be undertaken at your own speed.

Further details: Lian McGuire Tel: 01 884 2012 email

Certification: EU Certificate.

Cost: Free

Workplace Bullying
Workplace Bullying Prevention and Intervention Training

Our researchers are available to deliver talks and workshops in companies and organisations that want to promote dignity and respect in the workplace. We can review existing policies and assist managers in planning the delivery of training to staff on bullying prevention in the workplace. Our team have conducted research on legal cases related to bullying in the workplace and can provide advice to managers on how to avoid legal cases related to bullying.

Further details: Geraldine Kiernan Tel:  01 884 2012 email Cost: Contact ABC for schedule of costs.

Psychological Assessments Report

We can provide psychological assessment reports that can be presented to employers or used as evidence in court. These reports are prepared conducted by a qualified psychologist and written in a form accepted for use in court cases.

Further details: Murray Smith  BL Tel: 01 884 2066 email Cost: Contact ABC for schedule of fees

Expert Witness Reports

We are frequently asked by Human Resource Departments and Legal Firms to prepare an expert witness report for court cases. These are prepared after one of our researchers has a chance to review case files and to interview those involved in the case.

Further details: Geraldine Kiernan Tel:  01 884 2012 email Cost: Contact ABC for schedule of fees

Intellectual Disabilities
Intellectual Disability Workshops and Short-Courses

New course: Starting 28th April 2017

This training course is the outcome of many years of sit down conversations with people with intellectual disabilities, their supporters and family members. It is driven by what past participants of stop bullying workshops have said and expressed the need for in relation to continuing their knowledge and skills in dealing with bullies. The course is aimed at persons with an intellectual disability coupled with a family member or direct support worker that has an interest in learning about bullying and how to stop it from happening.

Cost: €150 per learning couple.

Venue: Dublin City University


ABC offers a number of workshops and short-courses at our Glasnevin campus on bullying prevention and intellectual disabilities. We also offer training on staying safe in cyberspace. These courses are offered to people with intellectual disabilities and those who work with them. Further details:Fiona Weldon Tel: 01 884 2012 email:

Certification: Certificates of completion are awarded at the end of the course