Collaborative Training on Bullying Prevention in Primary Schools

Yesterday, 20th February 2024, marked a significant milestone in addressing bullying in primary schools as ABC collaborated with Oide, the Department of Education Professional Development Service Teachers, to deliver a comprehensive training session on the implementation of Cineáltas Action Plan on Bullying. The event aimed to equip educators with the necessary tools and strategies to effectively tackle bullying behaviour within school environments.

Facilitated by experts from ABC, the training session delved into various aspects of bullying, including its prevalence, forms, and impacts on students and teachers. Attendees were provided with insights into identifying warning signs of bullying, fostering inclusive and respectful school cultures, and implementing proactive measures to prevent bullying incidents.

Throughout the session, interactive discussions and practical exercises enabled participants to share experiences, brainstorm solutions, and develop actionable plans tailored to their respective school settings. The collaborative nature of the training fostered a supportive environment for educators to learn from each other’s perspectives and best practices.

ABC are thrilled to partner with Oide to deliver this vital training on bullying prevention in primary schools. By equipping educators with the knowledge and strategies to address bullying effectively, we are empowering them to create safer and more inclusive learning environments where all students can thrive.

Feedback from attendees reflected the success of the training session, with many expressing gratitude for the valuable insights and the opportunity to network with colleagues from across the education sector. Moving forward, ABC and Oide remain committed to supporting educators in their efforts to promote positive school climates and ensure the well-being of all students.

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