DCU’s ABC Hosts International Consortium to Tackle Cyberbullying Through €2.8 Million Marie-Curie Doctoral Network

In a significant stride towards combating cyberbullying, DCU’s ABC recently hosted 10 new PhD candidates and their project partners for an intensive three-day meeting for the “PARTICIPATE Project: Parents and Technology in Cyberbullying: Intervention and Prevention for Future Experts”. The €2.8 million project, spearheaded by DCU, is dedicated to unravelling the complex dynamics of cyberbullying and understanding the pivotal role parents play in mitigating its impact. This collaborative effort involves esteemed institutions such as the University of Stavanger (Norway), Aarhus University (Denmark), University of Turku (Finland), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (Greece), and the International Parents Alliance (The Netherlands).

The meeting marked the commencement of a collaborative effort that brings together leading experts, doctoral researchers, and project partners from various corners of the globe. The goal is to pool their collective expertise and resources in tackling the multifaceted challenges posed by cyberbullying.

The PARTICIPATE Marie-Curie Doctoral Network, funded with a substantial €2.8 million investment, demonstrates DCU and its partners’ dedication to addressing the pressing issue of cyberbullying. The PARTICIPATE project focuses on the role of parents in this context, recognising their potential to serve as a crucial line of defence against cyberbullying. As part of the broader Marie-Curie Doctoral Network, the project aims to foster international collaboration, ensuring a diverse and inclusive approach to address cyberbullying’s global implications. By bringing together scholars and practitioners, the initiative seeks to bridge the gap between research and practical solutions. The project not only supports cutting-edge research but also nurtures the development of the next generation of scholars dedicated to the cause. The inclusion of 10 new PhD candidates, each bringing their unique perspectives, showcases the diversity of thought that will drive their research forward.

The three-day meeting encompassed intensive discussions, workshops, and collaborative sessions designed to set the foundation for the research journey ahead. The participants delved into the latest advancements in the field, shared their insights, and outlined the strategic roadmap for the forthcoming research endeavours.

As the PARTICIPATE project gains momentum, it holds the promise of not only advancing our understanding of cyberbullying but also shaping policies and practices that can create a safer digital environment for individuals worldwide. The collective efforts of the international consortium reflect a shared commitment to building a future where cyberbullying is addressed proactively, empowering individuals and communities to navigate the digital landscape with resilience and empathy.

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