International Journal of Bullying Prevention Rises in Citation Scores

Despite being one of the world’s newest academic journals,the International Journal of Bullying Prevention IJBP continues to rise in the citation indexes. Most recent data shows that the journal now has a Citescore of 3.9 which is outstanding for a publication that is just over 3 years in existence. Furthermore, the journal is one of the top performing journals across three discipline areas:

#53 out of 426 journals in Social Sciences

#94 out of 341 journals in Developmental and Educational Psychology

#82 out of 296 journals in Social Psychology

The journal’s performance is related to the quality of the papers it publishes and the number of times that these papers are referenced by scholars around the globe.

IJBP is based at DCU Anti-Bullying Centre and is jointly edited with the Cyberbullying Research Centre in the USA.

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