International Women’s Day 2021

Meet all the wonderful women of ABC. Today is International Women’s Day and ABC is celebrating all of the amazing women who are part of our team at the Centre. #InternationalWomenDay2021.

International Women’s day

Why it’s so important in the battle for equality.

  • Workplace bullying: In a recent ABC report, it was found that women are less likely to be the alleged perpetrator of bullying (20.7%) as compared to men (49.4%). However, a slightly higher percentage of men submitted a complaint to the Workplace Relations Commission (57.5%) as compared to women (42.5%). International literature might help to explain this finding. According to international study findings, men and women adopt distinct coping strategies when dealing with bullying; that is, women use more avoidance strategies (e.g., sick leave, request for transfer, ignoring), whereas men tend to use more active coping strategies (e.g., confront the perpetrator).

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