First Issue of New Springer International Journal of Bullying Prevention Has Been Published

The first issue of the new Springer International Journal of Bullying Prevention has been published. The International Journal of Bullying Prevention is a quarterly journal reflecting best practice academic and practitioner led research in the broad area of bullying prevention.

In the Inaugural Editorial, Prof. James O’Higgins Norman of the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre and Prof. Sameer Hinduja of Florida Atlantic University described the journal as “a new peer-reviewed scholarly journal focused entirely on bullying prevention.” The journal itself “makes a very significant contribution to the established body of knowledge on bullying“, and invites a variety of stakeholders – including teachers, researchers, managers, policy makers, mental health professionals and technology companies – to contribute strategies and new knowledge in bullying prevention.

The journal itself takes a broad perspective on bullying related concepts such as bullying prevention and intervention. Contributors and readers are informed that no single definition for bullying or related term confines the academic scope of the journal so as to consider the multidisciplinary perspectives offered by many scholastic and practitioner led fields such as psychology, sociology, philosophy, education and technology.

The journal is present on Facebook and Twitter which are updated regularly with featured publications and related information about the journal and the wider scope of bullying prevention. Access to the journal’s website can be found here.

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