Dr Maeve Dupont is an Assistant professor in the School of Human Development and a Research
Fellow in the National Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre. Maeve lectures in Educational
and Developmental psychology across a number of programmes in DCU at both undergraduate and
postgraduate level.

During the course of her doctoral studies at Cardiff University, Maeve examined
prejudice towards Travellers amongst primary school children in Ireland and tested the effectiveness
of a psychological intervention (using stories) to improve attitudes towards marginalised groups.
Having worked as a primary school teacher in areas of disadvantage, and an educational
psychologist in the greater Dublin area, Maeve’s research interests include: inclusion, ethnicity
based bullying, and psychological approaches to reduce prejudice and improve intergroup relations
among young people.

Currently Maeve is part of a DES funded project investigating bullying towards Traveller and Roma
pupils in Ireland.

Research Areas

Traveller and Roma based bullying, inclusion, education, prejudice

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