Dr Antonio Rial Boubeta

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Antonio Rial is associate professor of Psychology and Criminology at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He is an expert in Social Research Methodology and author of more than 130 papers in Spanish and international scientific journals, supervisor of 20 doctoral thesis and responsible of several research projects in the field of children and youth. He directed some of the largest studies conducted in Spain on the topics of Problematic Internet Use, online risk behaviours and Cyberbullying. He is in charge of elaborating the teaching material for the course of the General Council of Psychology of Spain on the Problematic Use of Internet in adolescents; coordinator of the course Technological Addictions in the Galician Health Ministry in which Spanish psychiatrists, paediatricians and psychologists are trained yearly; coordinator of the course Prevention, Detection and treatment of School Bullying and Cyberbullying in the Galician Education Ministry, for teachers and school counsellors; as well as of different courses on Minors, Internet, Addictions and School Bullying in the Galician Police Academy. He was the scientific director of the Study on the Impact of Technology on Adolescence, carried out by UNICEF-Spain (2021).

Research Areas

School Bullying, Cyberbullying, Online Risks and Cyberbullying