Dr Audrey Bryan

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Audrey Bryan is an Associate Professor of Sociology in the School of Human Development, DCU and is a Research Fellow at DCU Anti-Bullying Centre. As a sociologist of education, her research is concerned with the role that schools play in creating and sustaining the conditions that produce bullying and with sociological perspectives on bullying more generally. She has a long-standing interest in gender and sexuality-based forms of bullying and has published nationally and internationally on this topic.

Her most recent work interrogates the discursive and material effects of anti-homophobic bullying interventions that depict gender and sexual minority youth in terms of vulnerability and “at riskness.” Collectively, her work seeks to deepen our understanding of how educational settings function as both agents where the structures and practices of schooling serve to define gender and sexuality for teachers and students and as settings where social actors act as critical agents in the production of gender and sexual identities.

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Research Areas

Gender, sexuality, anti-homophobic interventions, identity