Kanishk Verma

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Kanishk Verma is the Irish Research Council (IRC) Research Scholar, working on developing a Data-driven Toolkit to tackle Cyberbullying on social media platforms amongst Teens. He is the Google Online Content Safety Policy scholarship awardee and is currently pursuing his doctoral studies at the School of Computing, DCU, jointly mentored by Dr Brian Davis and Dr Tijana Milosevic at DCU and Dr Rebecca Umbach at Google. Kanishk is also an Associate Researcher in the DCU Anti-Bullying Centre, a member of the UNESCO Chair on Tackling Bullying in Schools and Cyberspace, and a member of ADAPT SFI. Previous to this appointment, Kanishk worked as a Research Assistant on a project funded by Facebook Instagram Content Policy grant to combat cyberbullying by using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Leaning (ML), Human-computer interaction (HCI) and Social Network Analysis (SNA). He graduated from the School of Computing, DCU with a First Class Honours in Computing with specialization in Data Analytics. His area of interest has been in the amalgamated disciplines of Social Science, ML, NLP, HCI and SNA. Apart from academia, he remotely volunteers to teach underprivileged children in his home country.

Research Areas

Social Science and Bullying