Dr Paul Downes

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Dr Paul Downes is an Associate Professor at the DCU School of Human Development and a Research collaborator at DCU Anti-Bullying Centre. Paul has been involved in various expert advisory roles for the European Commission, including for its School Policy Working Groups and has made a significant contribution to international policy and practice, including the area of anti-bullying, outlining the need for a common system response for bullying prevention and intervention. With over 75 publications in international journals and book chapters in areas of education, psychology, philosophy, law, anthropology and social policy, Dr. Downes has given keynote lectures and invited presentations in over 25 countries. His research interests are in the field of inclusive systems in education and society, including socio-economic exclusion and bullying. His most recent publication is on “Structural Indicators for Developing Inclusive Systems in and around Schools in Europe” (Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union), co-authoring with Nairz-Wirth and Rusinaite in 2017.

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Research Areas

Socio-economic Exclusion and Bullying