Dr Trudy Corrigan

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Dr Trudy Corrigan is an Assistant Professor at the DCU School of Policy and Practice and a Research Fellow at DCU Anti-Bullying Centre. Trudy has studied for a Professional Doctorate in the School of Education Studies. Her research interests are in adult education and lifelong learning, and include ageism and bullying in learning and workplace environments. The aim of her research is to develop intergenerational learning as a high quality pedagogical practice in higher education, through exploring the reciprocal benefits of teaching, learning and research between generations through experiential and social learning, and her research has already developed into a successful programme integrated into the DCU and the wider community. Trudy is currently working on creating and developing innovative projects that will be of benefit in educational and/or training contexts in the workplace.

+353 01 700 9251

Research Areas

Ageism and Bullying in Learning and Workplace Environments