Prof. James O’Higgins Norman Awarded DCU Invent Commercialisation Award

Director of the National Anti-Bullying Centre Professor James O’Higgins Norman was presented with a Commercialisation Award by the DCU Invent commercialisation and technology transfer unit on the 20th of March, 2019. The Commercialisation Award was awarded to Prof. James O’Higgins Norman because of his efforts to align National Anti-Bullying Centre’s policies, practices and research projects with industry and commercial needs.

The DCU Invent team regularly partner with DCU’s research centres, researchers, entrepreneurs and companies who aim to prioritise innovation and collaboration within their practice and scope. James accepted this award alongside many other innovative multidisciplinary projects across life sciences and technology. It was the first time that DCU Invent awarded a Commercialisation Award in the field of the social sciences at DCU.

Becoming a recipient of DCU Invent’s Commercialisation Award further reinforces the operations of the National Anti-Bullying Centre in multidisciplinary contexts; both commercially and in academia. This remains an overarching aim of the National Anti-Bullying Centre more generally.

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