Prof James O’Higgins Norman Honoured with Failte Ireland Conference Ambassador Award

In a momentous recognition of outstanding contributions to academia and event organisation, Prof James O’Higgins Norman has been bestowed with the Failte Ireland Conference Ambassador Award. This prestigious accolade is in acknowledgement of his remarkable efforts in orchestrating the World Anti-Bullying Forum in Dublin in 2019.

The Anti-Bullying Centre (ABC) expresses its heartfelt gratitude for this esteemed award, considering it not only a personal achievement for Prof O’Higgins Norman but also a testament to the collective dedication of the entire ABC team. ABC’s commitment to organising the World Anti-Bullying Forum has not only elevated the standing of our institution but has also contributed meaningfully to the global conversation on combating bullying. The Award underscores the significant impact and influence of the World Anti-Bullying Forum, an event that brought together experts, practitioners, and advocates from around the globe to address the critical issue of bullying.

This award reflects the culmination of collaborative efforts and commitment to excellence within the Anti-Bullying Centre. ABC extends a special shoutout to Prof James O’Higgins Norman for his exemplary leadership and vision that led to this prestigious honour.

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