Cyberbullying Among Adolescent Girls in Post-primary schools

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New technologies are radically transforming the ways in which young people communicate. There is growing public concern about how these new modes of communication might be facilitating and exacerbating aggressive and intimidating behaviours, as well as impacting upon how teenagers think about privacy and public space. To date, there are no policy guidelines for Irish schools on cyberbullying. In order to better understand the complexities of this issue, and to arrive at findings which can inform policy and practice on this issue in the future, this study provides a quantitative and qualitative, interdisciplinary analysis of the issues involved in cyberbullying among adolescent girls.

Funding Source: Faculty Research Capacity Fund

Funding Amount: €11,000

Staff Involved: Dr. James O’Higgins Norman, Dr. Debbie Ging, Minako O’Hagan

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