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The problem of workplace bullying is well documented in international literature. In Ireland it is estimated that up to 35% of employees have experienced or witnessed workplace bullying. Furthermore, between 2013 to 2015 bullying was a sole or joint feature of 96 % of cases taken to the Workplace Relations Commission during. Employers who failed to have effective policies and procedures in place are more likely to have penalties awarded against them. This project establishes an academic partnership between the DCU Anti‐Bullying Centre (ABC) and the Health Services Executive (HSE) to undertake a number of research, resource and training initiatives with the HR Department of the Health Services Executive (HSE) to enhance their work on promoting dignity in the workplace for all staff with a specific emphasis on promoting self‐awareness and reducing bullying behaviour.

Project Goals

In addition to providing training and resources the project involves an ongoing survey of HSE staff on their levels and types of empathy which can be related to how they will interact with others in the workplace. It is hoped that the impact of this survey and the overall project will contribute to an atmosphere of respect and dignity among HSE employers.

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Workplace Bullying


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Éamon Jones
Prof James O’Higgins Norman