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Tackle Bullying is a national website to counter bullying and cyberbullying for young people, parents and teachers. The site is funded by the Department of Education under the 2013 Action Plan in Bullying (2013) and provides a single point of contact for those who are affected or concerned about Bullying and Cyberbullying-related incidents, giving access to the most up to date research and support in the areas of bullying and cyberbullying.

Project Goals

tacklebullying.ie contains a number of different pages of information for young people, parents and teachers to learn more about bullying and cyberbullying: what they are; the different types of both; and how to effectively prevent and counter bullying. The aim of this website is to empower and educate parents, educators and young people to tackle bullying and online safety issues safely.

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Bullying, Cyberbullying


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Geraldine Kiernan

Angela Kinahan