Project Partners/Funders

Project Overview

Together with DCU Anti-Bullying Centre as the academic partner, Vodafone Foundation Ireland received funding as part of an overall Apps against Abuse Vodafone Group Foundation project.

A formal partnership and funding agreement is in place between DCU and Vodafone Foundation Ireland.

The key goal of the project is to address the growing problem of cyberbullying in Ireland and globally by developing an app that would provide key features and benefits for users – in this case, children and young people – to address their overall online safety and well-being; whilst also gaining key insights to further research and inform future app development.

The Tozi app has three key parts:

  • The Cosmos – articles, podcasts, videos and more…
  • My Space – a totally private space to check in and chill out.
  • Live Chat – a direct connection to Childline by ISPCC

Project Goals

Tozi Vision
Purpose: To create a kinder, safer and more loving digital world for young people.
Mission: We will empower and support young people in their journey to creating a positive (digital) world for themselves and their communities.

About the Anti-Bullying Centre’s Tozi team goals
The role of the Tozi team in DCU is provide subject matter expertise, data-driven research based content and insights and a specific programme of research.

Research Areas

Online Safety; Cyberbullying; Digital Citizenship; Well-being;



Bystander Behaviour Online Among Young People in Ireland:

Conference Papers (Accepted):

Feijóo, S; Sargioti, A.; Sciacca, B.; McGarrigle, J.; Heaney, D.; & O’Higgins Norman, J. (2023). Bystander Behaviour Online among Young People in Ireland. Symposium in Current Trends in Psychology 2023

Feijóo, S., Laffan, D. A., Esfandiari, M., O’Toole, C., Di Manno, T., & O’Higgins Norman, J. (2023). Let’s Play Tozi: The Online Safety and Wellbeing App for Young People. Workshop in the World Anti-Bullying Forum 2023

Laffan, D. A., Esfandiari, M., Feijóo, S., Milosevic, T., O’Toole, C., & O’Higgins Norman, J. (2023). Young People’s Contributions in the Co-Design of an App to Promote Online Safety and Wellbeing. Oral presentation in the World Anti-Bullying Forum 2023

Esfandiari, M., Laffan, D. A., Feijóo, S., Milosevic, T., O’Toole, C., & O’Higgins Norman, J. (2023). Digital Technologies and Children’s online safety education:
A Scoping Review. Poster in the World Anti-Bullying Forum 2023

Journal Articles (Under development):

García-Tudela, P. A., Feijóo, S., & O’Higgins Norman, J. (Under development). Online safety and gamification: a systematic review.

Esfandiari, Sciacca, B., M., Laffan, D. A., Feijóo, S., Milosevic, T., O’Toole, C., & O’Higgins Norman, J. (Under development). Digital Technologies and Children’s Online Safety Education: A Scoping Review.

Principal Investigator

Research Team

Teresa Di Manno

Dr Maryam Esfandiari

Sandra Sanmartín Feijóo