Workplace Experiences of Staff Members in Irish Higher Education Institutions

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Project Overview

Do social interactions at work, institutional policies and work demands contribute to shaping the workplace experiences of staff members in higher education institutions? What is the prevalence of workplace bullying across Irish higher education institutions? What measures can we implement to tackle this phenomenon?

This large-scale national study seeks to answer these questions through an online survey aimed at staff members with different professional and demographic backgrounds in Irish higher education institutions. The survey examined a number of factors contributing to shaping the workplace experiences of the higher education community, such as social interactions at work, and work demands.

Project Goals

This survey study aims to identify the factors that constitute an impairment to creating a positive climate within higher education institutions.

The knowledge generated with this project will inform policy and best practice, while contributing to develop evidence-based solutions to tackle negative experiences at work, including bullying and cyberbullying. A secondary goal of this study is to expand the literature in a previously poorly studied area of research.

Research Areas

Workplace Bullying, Higher Education, Organisational Psychology


Report on the Natinoal Survey of Staff Experiences of Bullying in Irish Higher Education Institutions

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Research Team

Prof Yseult Freeney

Prof James O’Higgins Norman