The TRIBES Project is holding a virtual meeting of all partners.

The TRIBES Project is holding a virtual meeting of all partners from 2-4pm today 15th October 2020 with over 120 attendees.

The TRIBES Project is a multidisciplinary initiative involving 13 countries including Ireland as the leading country. ABC’s Prof. James O’Higgins Norman was elected by the partner countries as the Chair of the Project, and Prof. Hildegunn Fandrem, from Stavanger University in Norway, was elected as the vice-chair. It is anticipated that the TRIBES Project will run until 2023. The project will strive to reach these goals by establishing a collaborative network, foster, share and support knowledge, and advance research through the creation of six working groups.


  • Advancing collaboration between stakeholders to evolve and improve scientific measures and guides
  • Building capacity across these challenged areas
  • Working holistically towards ensuring integration
  • Reducing bullying
  • Enhancing the safety and well-being of refugee/migrant students, and as a result, all students in EU secondary schools, aiding in the social stability of both the individual and society

For more information about this project check out this link —> Click Here

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