Young Ambassadors Against Bullying and Cyberbullying (YAB) Project

The transition year students and Staff of Castletroy College, Limerick have been working with the team from the Anti-Bullying Centre and DCU School of Inclusive and Special Education on the Young Ambassadors Against Bullying and Cyberbullying (YAB) project. The YAB Project is an Erasmus+ funded project led by Spain with Italy, Croatia, and Ireland as partners. The YAB Project aims to provide innovative support to facilitate the agency and voices of young people with and without disabilities in the area of bullying prevention. The YAB project aimed to support young people with or without disabilities to become ambassadors against bullying in their schools and provide specialist training for teachers working with them to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in schools.

The partners from across the different partner countries worked together to develop an online platform to support the training and support of participating school staff and students. It is envisaged that an online platform would also provide resources and support to educators working with young people. There were two inter-country meetings, one in Dublin and a second in Madrid.

In Ireland, the team from the ABC and the School of Inclusive and Special Education worked with Castletroy College to develop anti-bullying campaigns, peer education activities, and projects in schools. These were devised by the students with the support of their teachers to tackle bullying/cyberbullying issues and contribute to the development of inclusive school cultures and social climate. These can be seen in this video where the students talk about their experiences of the project and discuss the impact that the YAB project had on their understanding of bullying and cyberbullying.

The Anti-Bullying Centre are greatly looking forward to platforming and celebrating the work of the staff and students of Castletroy at an event on Monday, February 26th between 10am and 1pm. The range of initiatives and projects the students have produced are a testament to the creativity and commitment the students have shown in their engagement with the YAB project and are greatly impressive. The commitment and support of the staff at Castletroy College are also clear in these initiatives.

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