ABC at WABF 2023

A team from ABC was recently delighted to attend the World Anti-Bullying Forum 2023 in Raleigh, North Carolina.

ABC team at WABF 2023

The World Anti-Bullying Forum is an international forum and biannual conference that brings together experts from various disciplines to increase the understanding of bullying and other forms of violence against children and young people. The World Anti-Bullying Forum is a meeting place for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners in the work against bullying. The School of Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was the host of the 2023 World Anti-Bullying Forum. The WABF conference is supported by UNESCO. WABF 2023 had 560 attendees and involved delegates from 5 continents.  Presenters included those from academia, industry, education, and also a youth panel.

Our travelling party included members of 3 different faculties – Institute of Education, Science & Health, Engineering & Computing, with a variety of roles represented. We were proud to represent a number of teams and projects from the DCU Anti-Bullying Centre – not everyone who has worked on the projects could travel. It was great in particular to have dedicated time to present the research and development of the FUSE Anti-Bullying and Online Safety Programme and the TOZI Online Safety App. We enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate these achievements at WABF 2023.

ABC teams and projects were represented in the Poster session and symposia. A workshop was also delivered – see the summary below.  Further information is available for any of these – just click the links to find out more.

Thanks to our supporters in Meta, Vodafone Ireland Foundation, and the Government of Ireland who made it all possible.

ABC at WABF 2023 – Summary:

Wed Oct 25th, 16:00 EDT.

Session: Adolescent Perspectives on Online Safety (306C)

Young People’s Contributions in the Co-Design of an App to Promote Online Safety and Wellbeing

Derek A. Laffan, Maryam Esfandiari, Sandra Sanmartín Feijóo, Tijana Milosevic, Carol O’Toole,  James O’Higgins Norman.


Thu 26th Oct, 09:45 EDT.

WORKSHOP — Let’s Play Tozi: The Online Safety and Wellbeing App for Young People (306B)

Sandra Sanmartín Feijóo, Derek A. Laffan, Maryam Esfandiari, Carol O’Toole, Teresa Di Manno, James O’Higgins Norman.


Thu Oct 26th, 12:00 EDT.

SPECIAL SESSION — A Revised and Inclusive Definition of Bullying (Ballroom B)

Chair: James O’Higgins Norman, UNESCO Chair on Bullying and Cyberbullying with members from the international working group

Thu 26th Oct, 17:00 EDT.

Poster E9:  Digital Technologies and Children’s Online Safety Education: A Scoping Review

Maryam Esfandiari, Derek A. Laffan, Sandra Sanmartín Feijóo, Tijana Milosevic, Carol O’Toole,  James O’Higgins Norman.

Thu 26th Oct, 17:00 EDT.

Poster F5: Empirical investigation of industry-based artificial intelligence (AI) moderation tools for online bullying and harassment

Kanishk Verma, Tijana Milosevic, Brian Davis

Thu 26th Oct, 17:00 EDT.

Poster H1:  Parental Mediation of Children’s Internet Use Before and After Parental Awareness of Online Risks

Seffetullah Kuldas, Aikaterini Sargioti, James O’Higgins Norman

Fri 27th Oct, 09:45 EDT.

SESSION — Teacher Education and Interventions for Addressing Cyberbullying and Discrimination in Schools (305B)

Comparison of Student and Teacher Self-efficacy after Completion of The FUSE Programme

Aikaterini Sargioti, Sandra Sanmartín Feijóo, Angela Kinahan, Darran Heaney, James O’Higgins Norman

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