International Study of Teacher Responses to Identity-Based Exclusion

Project Overview

This international project examines the responses of primary and secondary school teachers to identity-based exclusion. This study is being conducted in eighteen countries and is led by Dr Shelly Hymel at the British Colombia University in Canada.

Project Goals

The project intends to investigate the willingness of primary and secondary school teachers to intervene in instances of identity-based exclusion in the educational setting. Further, the project aims to assess whether the likelihood of intervention is influenced by various individual characteristics, including self-efficacy and empathy of the teacher. The project also aims to investigate whether a number of contextual factors, including the school being located in an urban versus rural area, and the homogeneity of the students, affect teacher likelihood of intervention.

An online survey will be presented to a sample of teachers working in primary and post-primary schools in Ireland. The data gathered worldwide will be compiled to compare the differences in teacher perceptions and responses across cultures and jurisdictions.

Research Areas

Bullying in schools, Identity-based exclusion, Diversity

Principal Investigator

Research Team

Dr Audrey Doyle
Dr Seline Keating
Dr Darragh McCashin
Dr Tijana Milosevic