YAB – Young Ambassadors against Bullying and Cyberbullying

Project Partners/Funders

PREDIF, Madrid, Spain (Lead Partner)
Xano Channel, Valencia, Spain
MOIGE, Lazio, Italy
BASE 3, Umbria, Italy
Osnovna SkolaDobrise Cesarica, Grad Zegreb, Croatia
Erasmus+ Funded

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Project Newsletter

Project Overview

The YAB Project is an Erasmus+ funded project led by Spain with Italy, Croatia and Ireland as partners. The YAB Project aims to provide innovative support to facilitate the agency and voices of young people with and without disabilities in the area of bullying prevention. This is to be achieved through facilitating the development of anti-bullying campaign projects in schools. It is envisaged that an online platform will be developed to provide resources and support to educators working with young people. The online platform will tackle bullying/cyberbullying issues, contribute to the development of inclusive school cultures and social climate and aims to reduce marginalisation among the student population. In this project YAB will support young people with or without disabilities to become ambassadors against bullying in their schools and will provide specialist training for teachers working with them to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in schools.

YAB Scoping Review

Young Ambassadors Against Bullying and Cyberbullying – Castletroy College

Project Goals

There are two result areas in terms of outputs for this project. The first (R1) is the YAB Resource Centre. The YAB Resource Centre will be an interactive platform which will be the main tool for the training of teachers and will facilitate the young people directly involved to work with their peers. It will also contain materials necessary for the development of the anti-bullying campaigns by the young people both with and without disabilities and be the tool for the parents and community engagement on the topics of bullying and cyberbullying. The second (R2) is the Collection of Anti-Bullying Campaign Projects. These projects will be developed by young ambassador teams for bullying prevention specifically in relation to young people with disabilities. These young ambassador teams will ensure that 20% of the team comprises young people with a disability. The projects will be part of a pilot action involving students in peer education activities and are a fundamental means to promoting awareness on the topics of bullying and cyber-bullying within the whole education community.

Research Areas

School Bullying, Peer-led prevention and intervention programmes


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