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Project Overview

This project aims to review the current policies in place and to address the need to improve educational training programmes for coaches, trainers, teachers and managers and to enhance their competencies and skill levels to tackle this issue. The project focuses on improving behaviours, fostering inclusion at the gender level, special needs, migrants and minorities. How to prevent and tackle bullying intolerance within sport addressing Peer to peer bullying, coach to athlete bullying and coach to coach bullying.

Improving the skills and competencies of all involved in sport at a coaching level it can:

  • Signify sport as an activity for all and not just able-bodied, inspire young people not only to promote a healthy lifestyle but to feel part of a community and a culture that surrounds them by bringing people together and feel part of a greater whole beyond themselves
  • Positive effects on social inclusion education and training will contribute to socio-economic potential through the creation of sustainable health through breaking down social barriers
  • Potentially lead to greater playing numbers, lifelong enjoyment, helping young players learn all the attributes through sport. Education will provide the opportunity to enhance a coach’s ability to not only recognise bullying but to deal with it effectively and also look at their own behaviour for the change required to provide an inclusive environment where no individual is or feels victimised or excluded but an environment to nurture and grow as an athlete and an individual. Improving our behaviours and education could impact enjoyment and dropout

Project Goals

The main deliverables of the project will be:

  • Research and Best Practice in dealing with bullying in sport.
  • A review of the current policies in place in each country of the partners.
  • Creation of a comprehensive, far-reaching, inter-disciplinary ‘Anti-Bullying Education for Sports Coaches’ training and education programme

Research Areas

Bullying, Sport, Inclusion, Toxic Behaviour.


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Research Team

Li Asebring

Victor Gonzalez

Lisa Kalina

Magnus Loftsson

Louis Moustakas

Maria Persson

Prof Paz Prendes