FUSE Data Privacy Policy


Who is collecting and responsible for my data?

FUSE is an Anti-Bullying and Online Safety programme based at DCU Anti-Bullying Centre. The Centre is a designated research facility at the University. For the purposes of GDPR and Data Management the Data Controller for the FUSE Programme is Dublin City University. The Programme is led by Prof. James O’Higgins Norman and Darran Heaney MSc. The project is a public good activity mandated under the research objectives of the Dublin City University Act (1989).

Why are you collecting and storing my data?

There are two types of information collected for this project.

  1. School Registration: Teachers are invited to register to participate in the project. Successful registration provides access to FUSE resources, lesson plans and other materials they can use in their schools to promote tackling bullying and online safety. As part of the registration process teachers are asked to provide their email address and school roll number. This information allows the FUSE team to monitor and evaluate engagement with the programme by teachers, to provide related support to them as required.
  2. Participant Evaluation: The programme is open to all primary and post-primary schools. It takes the form of a series of workshops that are delivered by teachers in their own school to students. FUSE Intervention schools are asked to complete a pre and post FUSE survey, which is anonymous. This enables researchers to evaluate how effective the programme has been in terms of tackling bullying and promoting online safety. Participants are not asked in the evaluation to provide any personal data and as such GDPR does not apply.

Does DCU share my data with anyone else?

No. As part of the registration, teachers are asked to provide their email address and school roll number. This is stored on a university server and only authorised members of the research team at DCU have access to this data.

Data from the programme evaluations does not contain any personalised information and is stored on our university’s server. Members of the research team have access to this for the purposes of analysis.

We do not share your data with any third parties.

All data will be destroyed at the end of the project in 2025.

Who should I contact if I have a question about my data?

Teachers who have registered their information on the FUSE website have a right to access this information at any time. If  a teacher wishes to withdraw their individual information (email address / school roll number), it will be permanently deleted from our database immediately.  To avail of this please contact darran.heaney@dcu.ie