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Welcome to the FUSE Parents Hub. The aim of this hub is to provide trusted and research based information on how you, as a parent/guardian can support children and young people in tackling bullying, navigating the internet safely and supporting them with any safety issues or challenges they may encounter online.

Equipping parents/guardians with the skills and information on bullying and online safety is vital to successfully supporting children and young people to have positive experiences and interactions offline and online line.

Use our Quiz below to see how much you know about bullying, cyberbullying, online safety and anti-bullying school policies and learn as you progress through the quiz stages. Use our free resources, which will be updated regularly and address hot topics around bullying and online safety.

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What is bullying?
For it to be called bullying, which of the following are true?
According to UNESCO's 2019 report School violence and bullying is a major global issue, how many children have experiences of bullying?
Which of the following are consequences of bullying?
What percentage of children who are victims of bullying do not tell anyone about their experience?
What is cyberbullying? Tick the box with the appropriate response.
What advice should parents give to their child if they are being cyberbullied?
From a survey of four thousand children, what percentage of those children in the 8-12 age group reported owning their own smart device?
From a survey of four thousand children, what percentage of those children in the 8-12-year age group had their own social media &/or instant messaging account?
Most accounts are private by default.
It is ok for my child to have lots of followers on social media.
The location of where a photo was taken can be readily identified.
“Bandwagoning” is a term used to describe getting swept up in a group online chat and joining in against better judgement.
You are online on a social media app and a person you do not know starts sending you texts. You are chatting for some time and ultimately he/she asks you to send him/her a picture of yourself. Would you do this?
You have used a computer in a public space and you forgot to logout from your email/social media/online messenger. You realise this when you arrive home. What would you do about it?
You have visited the website of an organisation and they tell you that you have won a competition. They ask you for your bank account details so that they can send you the award. Is it safe to give this information?
You are online and you get a message from your Internet service provider asking for your password. They say they need it to fix your account. Should you give it to them?
You met someone in a chat room who wants to get together. He/she lives nearby and asks you to meet. What should you do?
It is compulsory for schools to have a specific policy on Bullying.
Schools do not have to deal with bullying online if it happens outside the school.
It is mandatory that students are involved in the creation of the Anti Bullying policy.
It is mandatory that parents are involved in the creation of the school Anti Bullying policy.
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