Project submission is now closed.

FUSE project submission is now closed. All projects will be reviewed by the FUSE team. Successful schools will be invited to present their initiatives/projects to the ABC Team and Facebook at an event at the end of April in Facebook Headquarters, Dublin.

Please complete the details below and attach FUSE project(s) to submit them to the National Anti-Bullying Centre. Then hit submit to send your files to the FUSE team.

  • Create a folder on your desktop
  • Label this folder as your SCHOOL NAME
  • Add all projects to this folder (PDF’s, Word Documents, PowerPoints etc)
  • Complete the short form below and drag your file / add files to the end of the form
  • Tick Data Acknowledgement
  • Click Submit

Project submissions are closed. Accreditation will be provided by ABC to schools who submit final projects and complete the FUSE evaluation survey.