Additional Support


DisAbuse wants to help tackle disablist bullying by learning from the experiences of both young people and adults with Special Educational Needs with Disabilities (SEN/D).

Fighting Words

Fighting Words is a creative writing organisation providing opportunities for children to express themselves creatively in ways that contribute to self-efficacy, confidence, resilience and wellbeing.  Fighting words are delighted to be working with FUSE. For resources and information about booking workshops for classes, see the website.


DCU Changemaker Schools Network
The DCU Changemaker Schools Network is an exciting network of primary schools to support primary school teachers and students across Ireland to put in place and lead programmes of change in their respective schools and wider communities to address societal challenges.
  • The concept of a Changemaker is ‘someone with the skills and confidence to lead change in their home, school and community’.
  • The schools network supports teachers and students in the areas of student voice, agency and participation as well as social innovation and active and engaged citizenship to address societal challenges such as inequality, climate change and mental health.
  • The overarching goal is to help students develop their skills for critical thinking, empathy, teamwork, leadership, including and to become active participants in their school and community to support sustainable and positive change.
  • The DCU Changemaker Schools programme is delighted to be working with FUSE.
  • To find out more about the DCU Changemaker Schools Network log onto: