Teacher Training

Research shows that the person best-placed to deliver anti-bullying programmes to school students is the teacher of these learners.

At FUSE, we believe that collaborating with schools and teachers yields the most effective results; and a significant part of that collaboration is to offer Teacher Training. This ensures that educators will feel equipped to return to schools and deliver the content of the FUSE Programme to both their students and their colleagues.

To deliver the FUSE programme in your school, Teacher Training is required. Schools will nominate one or two teachers to become Anti-Bullying Coordinators, and these nominated teachers will then participate in our training.


Teacher Training is offered both in-person and online. A Teacher Training event will be provided by staff from the National Anti-Bullying Centre, and will take place on the DCU St. Patrick’s Campus, Drumcondra. Nominated teachers can also participate in this training online.

Training will provide teachers with the ability to return to their school and deliver the modules of the FUSE Programme to their students. It will also allow them to deliver a programme to their fellow teachers and other school staff on how to tackle bullying and online safety.


Because of the restrictions we all face due to COVID-19, we are currently reviewing when would be the most appropriate – and safest – time to deliver Teacher Training in person. We will however be providing Teacher Training online for those wishing to implement the programme in their school.

What will I learn?

The initial Training will cover the programme and its content. One of the most vital elements to explore is learning how to deliver FUSE in your school, and to maximise its effectiveness among your learners. Additionally, ABC will be providing a training calendar of events that will cover several issues that we feel are relevant to successfully implementing the Programme but will also provide further insight into various topics.

We also want to use training to up-skill teachers on their knowledge of bullying – indeed, research has shown that 54% of educators would like to receive further training on the issue of bullying, and our Teacher Training can ensure that teachers feel supported, informed and equipped to tackle the issue.

Other content that we will explore in Teacher Training includes:

  • What is FUSE?
  • What is involved?
  • How to help Students identify and intervene appropriately in bullying incidents.
  • How to help Students report bullying
  • How to support your students who are the victims of bullying.
  • How to support your students who would like to report bullying.
  • Policy Development
  • Hate Speech
  • Image Sharing
  • Up-skilling your colleagues on bullying and online safety.

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