What is FUSE?

FUSE is an anti-bullying and online safety programme developed by the Anti-Bullying Research and Resource Centre in DCU, supported by Facebook. The programme launched in September 2019 across Ireland.

FUSE is grounded in Irish and international best practice research, consisting of a series of workshops and projects aimed at 2nd Year Students in Junior Cycle, their parents and school staff in post-primary schools across Ireland.

Always at the centre of this programme are young people. FUSE aims to support and empower young people to find solutions and initiatives themselves, to tackle bullying and online safety.

FUSE is also a research and evaluation programme, enabling schools to identify areas of improvement and self-evaluation. The curriculum focuses on empowering students to develop initiatives in their schools which tackle bullying and raise awareness of online safety.

These projects and initiatives will be showcased during Safer Internet Day. Groups of Junior cycle students will also get the opportunity to present their projects to the National Anti-Bullying Centre each year. Successful projects will receive a commendation from the Centre acknowledging their efforts to tackle bullying and online safety in their school communities.

This is the second phase of the programme, following an investment of €1m in the initiative by Facebook in the last year.

FUSE Primary

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